QuickBooks Crash: Com Error


While working with your QuickBooks sometimes you can encounter an error which will display a Pop Up which states QuickBooks Crash Com Error.

This can usually be encountered while opening or mailing the invoices or any other type of transaction.


Here you will be directed some solutions to get rid of this error.


Important Notice-

After updating QuickBooks to Channel Version 1805 you may see Com error mentioned.



Now let go through the solutions-


Solution 1: Make sure that Microsoft Outlook is always Updated


  • Open the application for Microsoft Outlook
  • Open file menu and select Office account.
  • Select Update Options and click on update now.
  • Now again repeat the procedure which gave an error to see if the error is fixed now.

Solution 2: Setting Up Outlook as the default mail app.


  • Open windows control panel and select the default program option. Click on Set Your Default Programs.
  • Now you will see the list of programs select MS Outlook and then click on set this program as default.
  • Click Ok.


Solution 3: Adding up an email on Microsoft Outlook.


  • Inside MS Outlook open the File Menu.
  • To start the setup proceed click on ADD ACCOUNT.
  • Now type in the email address that you prefer to add. Click on connect.
  • Now, wait till Outlook has detected right server settings. Click on Connect.
  • Now you will be needed to enter the email password.
  • Click ok.


Solution 4: Mail Setting toggle.


  • Open control panel for windows and select option of Mail. Choose MS Outlook.
  • Select the Show profile option in Mail setup window.
  • If the option for Always Use This Profile is selected than switch it with the prompt for a profile to be used. Click on apply.
  • Now toggle the section back to the page of Always use this profile and select apply.
  • Click ok.


Solution 5: Creating a new profile for outlook.


  • Close the application of MS Outlook.
  • Open Windows control panel.select mail
  • In the window for mail setup window, you need to select the option for Show profile. Then select the option of ADD.
  • Enter a name for the profile. Select ok.
  • Now add an email to this profile under Profile name and click ok.


Solution 6: Repairing MS Office and then Running the updates for windows.


  • Here is few articles that have been posted by Microsoft for this solution.




Solution 7: Running QuickBooks in Mode of Compatibility


  • Apply right click on QuickBooks icon available at the desktop. From the list select Properties.
  • Now click on compatibility tab and select Run This Program In Compatibility Mode.
  • Now from the drop down select window.
  • Put a checkmark on Run This Program as an administrator.
  • Click on Apply and then proceed by OK.
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Solution 8: Adding Admin User To Windows.


  • Create a new user to windows with Administrative rights.
  • Log On to windows with the new user.
  • Re-Open and try to Use QuickBooks.


If you are not able to fix the error by following these solutions you must contact QuickBooks com crash error at 1800-470-6903 for a free consultation.

Solution For QuickBooks Crash: Com Error

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