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Proces To Fix Crash Catcher Error


QuickBooks mac has been updated to 2019 version but while using QuickBooks you get QuickBooks Crash catcher error and now you don’t know what to do about this error, then this is an article which is now going to help you out in fixing this error.This article contains solution which is recommended by our technicians at QuickBooks Mac Support and if you are able to follow all steps mentioned in this article you will surely fix the error but in case the error persist then you must contact QuickBooks Mac Support for help.

So let’s move forward to fix this error by following some easy troubleshooting steps_

First you must check if any update is available for your QuickBooks and to do that-


  • Open QuickBooks on your computer.
  • While inside QuickBooks look at the taskbar available at the top and click on QuickBooks.
  • Now you will see some option but you shall select Check for QuickBooks update.
  • If any update is available for your QuickBooks you must update QuickBooks to get the error fixed.


If you have updated the QuickBooks but still getting the error then lets try with verifying the integrity of your QuickBooks Company File.

Follow these steps to check integrity of company file-

  • In QuickBooks open the File menu.
  • In file menu you have to select Utilities.
  • Here you will see an option of Verify Data, Just click on that option.
  • Now the verification of you file will begin, If any problem gets deleted by the  verification process then click on the file menu.
  • From the file menu select Utilities again.
  • This time you have to select the option of Rebuild Data. This will start fixing the data causing the problem.
  • After the rebuild process is finished you must run verify data utility again to check if the problem is fixed.
  • If while rechecking you get the problem again even after rebuild process then you must try restoring a backup of your company file.

Booting the computer safely.

To fix this error you can try to safe boot your computer which can fix the error-

  • Close QuickBooks and shut down your computer.
  • Now you have to press the power button to start the computer while pressing and holding down the control key on your keyboard until the display is visible.
  • Now when the computer has been started you must open QuickBooks and perform the task where crash catcher error was encountered.
  • In case the error is not fixed yet even after restarting the computer, it might be  because of some problem between QuickBooks and some other program that is installed on your computer.In case the issue persists in not resolve in normal mode you  must contact QuickBooks technical support for mac.

Adding a new user for mac os-

  • In your QUickBooks mac open System Preferences.
  • Now you have to select the option of user & group by its icon.
  • In that menu click on “+” icon to continue with adding a user which must contain Administrator rights.
  • Now you have created a user from which you have to log yourself in.
  • Open QuickBooks and then try to use QuickBooks.

If you are unable to fix this error you must contact QuickBooks Desktop Mac Support. In QuickBooks Mac Support we have solution to every problem that comes in your mind regarding the QuickBooks. We have a brilliant team of technicians that have specialized knowledge of the software namely QuickBooks and also the experience of fixing the error and various data damage that could be found in QuickBooks during a long run. We have a team of anti hacking coders which will help you out if your financial data is being hacked or you are being scammed by anyone regarding QuickBooks to maintain the security of your important data and prevent you from getting fooled. In QuickBooks support we believe in Helping our customers rather than earning money  by providing free consultation for QuickBooks support plan. QuickBooks mac Support is a different department from the QuickBooks For Windows because of having lot of differences in both of these Operating system and difference in errors as well as their fixation. We are a help provided by apple corporation as well as our technicians are ar certified to work on Mac OS.

QuickBooks Errors mostly occur due to not having the software up to date. SO to be free from error you must be updated. Recently QuickBooks has announced a recent Update for Their QuickBooks which is QuickBooks Mac 2019 which is a really amazing update as there was no update for mac users since last three years which was also the reason of lot of QuickBooks mac users switching to QuickBooks for windows as they found that there was no update coming. So finally the Update For QuickBooks Mac is out For Apple Mac Os lovers who can now switch back to their favourite operating system.

QuickBooks is a accounting software that is nowadays gaining a lot of popularity in the market due to its amazing features and reliability boosted up with world’s best support  services. QuickBooks is specially crafted for Small and medium sized business owners but now QuickBooks will be available for large business owners as well. Crashing QuickBooks mac would be a game changer as it has most amazing features which work with a perfect Os designed for work which is Mac Os. Mac Os is one of the favourite window for people who just want to work.

QuickBooks Mac  2019 is believed to be fastest QuickBooks ever with less error possibility and strong data that could not be damaged very fast. But some of the users reported that the Upgrade was unstable , this is because of newness of the Software which will be fixed in next patch update and would make QuickBooks Mac best QuickBooks ever.

Hope this article helped you to fix the error as well as answered your every question regarding QuickBooks Mac and Support For QuickBooks mac which is Providing the Technical help.

QuickBooks Mac Support

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