Resolve Error: Cannot Communicate with the company file due to firewall


QuickBooks Error: Cannot communicate with the company file due to firewall. This error can be caused by following reasons:


  • Any kind of third party Firewall being installed on the network.
  • Wrong server setup or connection lost.
  • QuickBooks Database manager has become offline.


Manual troubleshoot for Network


Solution 1- Updating QuickBooks


Update your QuickBooks to the latest release in order to fix the problem equiasily.


Solution 2: Configuring Windows third party firewall


  • QuickBooks is not responsible for any effect caused by the third party applications for firewall as there are vast number of firewalls available on the internet.Please contact – 1800-470-6903 for fixation.


Solution 3- Checking up Folder Permissions.


Correct folder permission for your QuickBooks important file is very necessary make sure every important QuickBooks file is saved in right folder.


Solution 4- Create the Network Data File.


Network data files are those files that store important data about the computer that hosts the company file.These files are created automatically in the file where Company file is being stored while you scan it.


  • On your keyboard press windows key and type QuickBooks Database Manager in the search it when found.
  • Now when you are in database manager window. Click on Add folder option and browse to the location which stores the company file.
  • When folder is added simply click scan.
  • After the scan is completed QuickBooks Company files can be seen under QuickBooks company file found.
  • Make sure that .nd files are created in company file folder.


Solution 5- Verification of hostion.


In case QuickBooks is being used on multi-user environment then do make sure that only one computer is hosting the company file. Using QuickBooks Database manager enables hosting on the computer that is scanned.


Turning Hosting off in all Systems


  • Open File menu in QuickBooks and select Utilities. Select the option saying Stop Hosting Multi-User access.
  • Click yes on confirmation pop-up.


Make  sure that Server computer has hosting turned on


  • Apply right click on taskbar and select task manager to open it.
  • Now in the column dedicated for Image name find process named as QBBMgrm.exe.
  • If you are unable to find the process QBDBMgrN.exe than make sure QuickBooks service is running on your system.


QuickBooks Error: Resolve Error: Cannot Communicate with the company file due to firewall

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