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We announce that after May 31st, 2018  all important connections that are used by QuickBooks in order to access Intuit service will be needed to meet certain system requirements for providing our users a better stability with security. Do make sure that Internet explorer that you use is enabled with TLS 1.2 to keep some features like Online Banking, payroll and payments that are working.

This article is totally based some answers to mostly asked FAQs regarding IDP ( Intuit Data Protect ).


Q- What is IDP ( Intuit Data Protect)?

Intuit Data Protect is a Subscription service that we provide to our users for the security of their important data from various mishaps like- Damage due to virus, Theft of computer, corruption of file, fire and much more. If you have applied this subscription then all your data gets stored online once every day at a fix time . This feature allows you to backup your company file or Multiple QuickBooks files including other files on the computer.

Q- How much to i have to pay in order to get IDP subscription?

There are several options to choose from but mostly IDP service is provided Additional cost free to all QuickBooks Pro Plus, Premier Plus & Enterprise subscribers.

Here are some plans-

Backup your QuickBooks file only –  $4.9 P/M – $49.95 P/A

Backup your entire Computer        – $9.95 P/M – $99.95 P/A

Note- 60 days money back is guaranteed on annual subscription.

Q- If required how could i change my  subscription setting?

If you prefer any changes to made to your subscription you must contact 247Quickbooks support.

Q- Is QuickBooks IDP service being provided for all versions of QuickBooks?

IDP service is only being provided for QuickBooks 2016 and above and not for older versions than 2016. Backing up data is still possible for Older version without IDP.

Q- What is difference between IDP and QuickBooks Online Backup?

IDP is a brand new service available for the backup  that is available for QuickBooks 2016 and above.This feature also includes status alert regarding the protection of your data.IDP also includes service plan options to choose from by which you can select which data you want to protect with no limit of storage. There is also an enhanced backup feature which allows you to backup while working. IDP also makes restoring data easily.

QuickBooks online backup service is being provided for all versions of QuickBooks but IDP is only being provided to QUickBooks 2016 and above users. Using both features is allowed but there is no point of using two backup services.

Q- Can IDP be installed on more than one computer?

Intuit Data protect services and not suggested to be used as a file sharing method. It is not recommended to use IDP service on multiple systems that are using same Intuit account as well as company file. It should be used by one computer only which is the administrators computer.

Q- Which kind of IP address is allowed to be used with IDP?

It is recommended to use IDP on a dynamic IP type to work properly in case you are using IDP on a static IP there are chances of IDP being unstable at times.

Q- Which QuickBooks files would get backed up by using IDP?

If you choose a plan that creates backup of company file then it will also include everything you need to create a company file again with QuickBooks environment. This feature includes all QuickBooks files like- templates, logos, letters & images that are related with your company file. This also saves files that are attached to your QuickBooks file, Financial statement designers, business planner, cash flow projector & loan manager files. This happens when you use this feature.

Q- How can a backup be created or changes to be made with schedule backup?

It is not necessary to make a schedule for the backup with IDP. It’s already being done for you. The IDP backup is programmed to automatically backup all your files once in a day, each and every day by a automated scheduled time. The backup process keeps running at background while you do your work.In case you turn off your computer at the time of backup then no need to worry when you open your computer the backup takes place automatically.

Q- How can i remove services of IDP from my system?

As QuickBooks 2016 or above gets installed on your computer IDP also gets installed automatically. There is no option provided in QuickBooks or windows to uninstall the service.

Q- How do i restore a IDP backup?

To restore a backup made by IDP you shall open Intuit Data Protect and then select the option which says Restore Backup.

Now simply select the date and time of IDP backup you prefer to restore and then you must choose Files and click on continue.

Select a prefered location for backup to be saved and proceed by clicking on restore.

Q- Is there a limit to storage of IDP backup?

Yes of course there is limited  limit if you have selected the plan for company file only  but if you have plan for entire computer then you will be alloted 100GB of total storage including 45 days of backup.

Q- Can backup be done manually?

Yes manual backup can be done  by opening Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks and selecting Backup now.

Q- Where can i see a list of my IDP backups?

In order to see your backup list you must select the option of View Backup History. Here you will be provided a list of backup with details arranged in a chronological order going from oldest to newest

Q- Is it necessary to leave computer on for backup process to run?

Yes it is necessary to keep computer on while backing up and logged in into windows along with a working internet connection at the moment.In case the computer was turned off at the time of scheduled backup then it will back up files as soon as you open your computer. 

I hope this will help you to fix Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool , if not then get help from Intuit certified professionals, dial our toll-free number 1800-470-6903.

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