Learn about usage limits and what your best options are if you reach one.

Starting April 10th and rolling out over 2019, these usage limits will apply to QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced plans in the U.S. Your plan will have a maximum number of classes, locations, chart of accounts entries, and users.

What do I need to do?

Good news—you don’t need to do anything right now. Keep using your current plan and data as usual. The only change is that you won’t be able to manually add things above their limits. For example, if you’re at your plan’s maximum for billable users, you’ll need to remove a user or upgrade to a different plan before you can add a new user.

Why are we adding limits?

Our goal is to make sure that your product meets your needs. Usage limits help ensure that as your business grows, you’re using the version of QuickBooks that has all the tools you need to get deeper insights, save time, and be more productive.

What are my plan’s usage limits?

These are the usage limits for QuickBooks Online. Usage limits depend on your plan. See which plan you have.

QuickBooks Online plan limits
Simple StartEssentialsPlusAdvanced
Classes and locations (combined)
404040No limit
Chart of accounts
250250250No limit
Billable users
Other user types (unbilled):
Reports-only00No limit
No limit
Time tracking-only
0No limit
No limit
No limit


  • Only active accounts, classes, and locations count towards the limit. The user limits also count pending invites you’ve sent (until they’re automatically removed in 90 days).
  • Billable users are admin, standard, and custom users. Learn more about user types.

What if I’m over a limit, and how do I know?

If you’re already over a limit, don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. You can stick to your current QuickBooks plan. If you want to keep adding after you’ve reached a limit, you can upgrade to a different QuickBooks Online plan.

For example, if you use QuickBooks Online Plus and have classes and locations, their limit is 40. If you currently have 45, you can keep using all of them. But you won’t be able to add a new class or location until you reduce your count to 39 or upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. The same is true for users—if you’re now over the limit for your version, those users can continue using your plan. But you’ll need to upgrade if you want to add more users.

See if you’re at or near a limit

Your usage limits dashboard will show you how many items you have for each usage limit. To open the dashboard:

  1. Sign in to to QuickBooks Online and select the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Select the Usage tab. If you don’t see it, you might not be signed in with a user account that can access this information.

Note: Third-party apps or QuickBooks services (like Payroll) can continue to add beyond a limit. But to manually exceed a limit you’ll need to upgrade to QuickBooks Advanced.

How do I upgrade?

If you’re ready, here’s how to upgrade.

If you’d like more info, you can find out about QuickBooks Advanced features and pricing. Or if you’re curious about what QuickBooks Advanced looks like and can do, you can always test it out for free in Test Drive.

Note that if you upgrade but then downgrade back to QuickBooks Plus, Essentials, or Simple Start, you’ll need to reduce everything to their usage limits when you downgrade.

How do I reduce things down to their limits?

See these articles for steps.

  • You can manage classes and locations. Or if you’re using classes to track projects, now you can use the Projects feature instead.
  • Make an account inactive for the chart of accounts.
  • Manage userss

What are classes, locations, chart of accounts, and users?

Here’s more general information on each of the things that have usage limits.

Classes and locations

Location Tracking and Class Tracking lets you track your income and expenses in QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced. Class tracking specifies a different class for each detail line of a transaction. Location tracking allows you to assign a location to an entire transaction.

Note: Third-party apps or QuickBooks services can continue to add to your classes and locations above the combined 40 limit. But you won’t be able to manually add to your classes and locations beyond 40 until you upgrade to Advanced or reduce your classes and locations below the usage limit.

Chart of accounts

The chart of accounts is the backbone of accounting software. All assets, liabilities, income, and expenses are recorded here in an account or sub-account.

Note: Third-party apps or QuickBooks services like Payroll can continue to add to your chart of accounts above the 250 limit. But you won’t be able to manually add to your chart of accounts beyond 250 until you upgrade to Advanced or reduce your chart of accounts below the usage limit.


There are different types of users you can set up to access your books.

What are usage limits in QuickBooks Online?

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