The most common cause of an incorrect vendor balance is a transaction error.

To find out where an error may have occurred, create a Vendor Balance Detail report.

  1. Select the Vendors menu then Vendor Center.
  2. From the Vendors list, select the vendor then go to the Transactions tab on the right.
  3. Select the Show drop-down then choose Balance Details.
  4. (Optional) Use the Filter by and Date drop-down arrows to narrow the transaction list further.
  5. Review the transactions.

If the balance is too high: You may have entered a bill and created a check to pay for it instead of going through the Pay Bills window. SeeBill shows as unpaid after writing a check for details and recommended troubleshooting steps.

If the balance is too low: You may have entered the wrong amount in a transaction. Find the bill or bill payment in the Vendor Balance Detail report then edit it.

Adjust the current balance for a vendor

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