QuickBooks error code 80029c4a usually occurs when  there is problem in reading the DLL file which an important component for QuickBooks to run.This error can be encountered while installing the updates available for the Quickbooks, when opening QuickBooks or launching The QuickBooks Company file and unexpectedly the error comes up. The reason behind this error is currently unknown but this error is related with the DLL which is also known as direct link library. In this type of situation you can contact QuickBooks support or you can follow some basic solution that will be further explained in this particular article. As QuickBooks is one of the leading software in accountancy sometimes error occurred in it due to some kind of changes made in OS or files being damaged by users unknowingly.

Error Occur in QuickBooks but that does not mean that QuickBooks is not a good software as it does not matter how mature, secure or sophisticated a program is the errors occur in each and every program available in the market. Various actions made by users or technical faults can bring up different types of error in every software but is is not that errors can be fixed. These error just simply pop up on the screen of users and makes them clueless what to do next.

As if we talk about Error 80029c4a in QuickBooks as an example. The QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and powerful software that is specially crafted for medium and small sized industries available in various places and countries. QuickBooks handles accountancy activities like invoicing, finances and all types of help you need in accountancy. QuickBooks has some inbuilt Features which are added to keep users away from the error and keep their data safe. But still many users have reported that they encountered an error while using the software but the software was running good the Previous day. In thee type of situation the business also get affected if error is not handled soon enough as accountancy

Through this article we try to help our users to get rid of this error as soon as possible by trying some simple troubleshooting steps but in case you are unable to fix the error you must consult a technician From QuickBooks Support to help you out.

Now the Question comes up that what’s this error all about?

While launching the QuickBooks this error can be encountered displaying an error message which would be-“Problem: There was an unexpected error reported when trying to run QuickBooks with company file. Error Code: 80029c4a. Description: Error loading type library / DLL”

In this situation the pop up containing the  error message also has a button which say “OK” and when clicked it displays another error message which says- “QuickBooks couldn’t load a system component. Restarting your computer might solve the problem. Error type: 80029c4a – Can’t load dynamic link library (DLL)”

As error says that there is problem with the Dll as a root cause of Error 0029c4a but there can be many other reasons which could be responsible.

Reasons behind the error-

  • Some of the files used by QuickBooks Desktop are corrupted or cannot be found.
  • The QuickBooks installation file that you have downloaded was corrupted or maybe installed incorrectly.
  • Any kind of Windows registry entry for the QuickBooks is now corrupted which are related to the changes made.
  • Any kind of virus has infected your computer which is infection impotant files needed by QuickBooks or maybe corrupting the files of windows.
  • Any kind of cleaner or security software has deleted files needed by QuickBooks to run properly.

Now that you know that What QuickBooks Desktop error 80029c4a is all about, lets talk about ways  you can try to fix the error.

According to intuit technicians the solutions that are given below can be used to resolve the error 80029c4a if followed up correctly. The solutions should be followed one at a time in a sequence they are mentioned to get best results.

Solution 1- Restarting the Computer

Most of the people using the computer have habit of letting there computer to sleep mode instead of turning the computer off. In those type of situation this solution can work for you as restarting the computer clears all memory issues that may have occur and also gives the program a fresh start which could possibly resolve the error.

Solution 2- Updating QuickBooks Desktop

As intuit is a leading brand we provide our users update for program continuously which make the software better at performance more stable and free of errors. These updates can be installed automatically or by users preferences. These updates will fix the bugs in software as well as some internal software issues that users are not aware of . So simply updating the software can fix the issue.

Solution 3- Running” Reboot.bat” on your computer.

Reboot. Bat is a very small batch file which gets saved in you QuickBooks  installation directory while you install the software to your computer.This file can be used to reset all setting changes made to QuickBooks which were made during the usage time. Running this reboot.bat file can fix the error 80029c4a. Before running this reboot.bat file make sure that all QuickBooks Processes are closed by using the Windows Task manager and then run the file.

Solution 4- Restarting the Software.

Sometimes simply restarting the software can also fix various error soo its better to always restart the software if encountered the error.

Solution 5- Fresh Installation of QuickBooks.

If none of the above solution work for you than the last thing to be done is to  reinstall the software. For this download QuickBooks Installation file from the QuickBooks Download website and installing the software again. Simply download the Installation file and when downloaded open the installation file and follow the prompts according to you and install QuickBooks.

If error is not fixed even after following these solutions then you must contact QuickBooks Technical Support to more help or technical assistance.

QuickBooks Error Code: 80029c4a

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