QuickBooks is one of the best financial software available in the market but yet you may face various errors if there are some wrong settings or Data damage.

QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 can usually be encountered while you were trying to open a Company file on your QuickBooks.

The error message that will be displayed 80070057 the parameter is incorrect

What do you know about QuickBooks Error code 80070057?

QuickBooks Error code: 80070057 means that permissions regarding modification of a company file in a folder are not sufficient hence QuickBooks won’t be able to run that file as the window will block QuickBooks From performing this specific task meanwhile.

If you prefer to use Quickbooks in a multi-user environment then you must make sure that folder that you have stored your company file have sufficient permissions to modify the company file. A company file will only be working on a multi-user network if all permissions are granted. Having insufficient permissions can cause vaarious issues and errors in your QuickBooks.

What are the cause behind Quickbooks Error Code 80070057

  • QuickBooks Company file was opened externally by double-clicking on it instead of opening it in QuickBooks Application.
  • Company file was being opened on a redirected computer that does not have a proper internet connection.
  • Any kind of Third Party Software or the firewall is blocking QuickBooks from performing a specific task.
  • This party anti-malware like “Bit Defender” blocking your company file from being used.


  • Never try to open a company file if it’s saved on any kind of portable memory devices like USB or Hard Disk as it might cause errors. Save the file locally on the computer before use.
  • If you encounter QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 while you were installing QuickBooks then you must re-download the installation setup and then install QuickBooks using fresh setup file.

You should only try the reccomended solution from preventing data damage or you can contact QuickBooks Technical Support for a proper fix.

Now that you understand what this QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 is all about and basic causes that can bring up this error, Let’s move to recommended solutions for this error code-

Using the QuickBooks With administrator rights.

  • Terminate the QuickBooks application.
  • Find QuickBooks.exe icon on your desktop.
  • On QuickBooks.exe icon press right-click.
  • From the dropdown menu select “Run As Administrator”.

Opening QuickBooks Company file Within the application

QuickBooks has a company file that is designed to be run only within the software and nowhere else so if you want to use the company file it shall only be opened within the QuickBooks or else it would display you an error instead of launching the file.

  • Press Windows+S key on your Keyboard.
  • On Windows search enter QuickBooks and from the results select your version of Quickbooks.
  • Now the QuickBooks application will run. If the company file does not open automatically then simply browse your company file and click on open.

Moving your company file on local storage

In case you have your company file saved on any kind of Portable Device then we will recommend you to move your company file to any folder that is present n C/: Drive of your computer.

Updating QuickBooks Application

Updating your QuickBooks time to time is the best solution for preventing various errors that might kick in during a long term usage. Always keep QuickBooks Up-To-Date if you want to work error-free.

Using File Doctor for Quickbooks

QuickBooks file doctor is a tool that fixes minor issues and wrong settings regarding QuickBooks.

Manual Fix For QuickBooks Error Code 80070057-

  • Fixing Network distributor file
  • Open the specific folder in which you have stored your company file.
  • When you are inside company file folder locate a file that has the name of company file but ends with the extension of “.nd”.
  • On “.nd” use right-click and then from the dropdown select  “Rename”.
  • Now you have to add “QB/Sxf{223}” at the end of that files name.
  • Scanning your file with QB Database Manager
  • Click on windows Home icon and enter QuickBooks Database Manager in the search field.
  • From the results find and open Database manager.
  • Now choose “add” which will open the browse file window.
  • Now simply browse to the folder that contains company file.
  • Apply to click on scan option.
  • Once the scan is finished you can try to open the company file.

Third-party app & Firewall Configuration-

  • As Quickbooks is not responsible for any kind of issue or caused by any kind of third party software or firewall. We would recommend you to contact QuickBooks Technical Support to get consulted regarding this Issue.

BitDefender Configuration

  • Open the main menu for “BitDefender” anti-malware.
  • Apply to click on “Custom Levels” and then what you need to do is to exclude the company file folder from scan path.
  • Click on “NEW”.
  • Choose the UCN path which shall be used for scanning the company file.
How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code:80070057

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