Summary: The blog defines the reasons that lead to QuickBooks corruption and data damage as well as describes the procedure to Rebuild QuickBooks data file using built-in Rebuild Data utility. It also suggests an alternate QuickBooks recovery solution for recover QBW file in case of higher damage.

The Rebuild Data utility is designed to repair damage in a QuickBooks company file. The Rebuild utility parses the data file and attempts to repair or update data found to be in an incorrect state.

You may want to use the Rebuild Data utility when one of the following situations occur:

  • You receive the message that the Verify Data utility has failed.
  • The Verify Data utility returns a b-check error.
  • A QuickBooks Support Knowledge Base article calls for a data rebuild to fix errors.

The Rebuild utility may permanently delete transactions or list entries that are damaged beyond repair or that threaten the overall integrity of your data file. For this reason, it is critical to follow all recommended precautions when using the Rebuild Data utility in order to protect against permanent data loss.

Important: If the company file is on a network drive, copy the file to your local computer before attempting to run this utility. Never rebuild or update a company data file that is located on a remote drive (for example, by accessing it over your network).

Rebuild your QuickBooks company file

  1. Close all open windows in QuickBooks.
  2. Go to the File menu, click Utilities, and then click Rebuild Data 
  3. When you see the message warning you that rebuilding requires that you back up your company file, click OK to acknowledge the message.
  4. Do not replace your current backup. Instead, Intuit recommends you use a newly formatted external media source for this backup. If necessary, back up to your local hard drive. Click No if you see a message asking if you want to replace the backup file. To avoid overwriting your current file, enter a new name in the Filename field.
  5. At the bottom of the QuickBooks Backup window, click OK.
  6. If the back up process fails, select Cancel at the Rebuild prompt. At this time, you should make a copy of the company file and attempt the Rebuild process again using the copy of the company file. Remember to give the copy of the company file a unique name to avoid confusion with the original company file. Do not continue the Rebuild process with your original company file if the back up process does not complete successfully. This may lead to permanent data loss.
  7. The Rebuild Data utility will begin as soon as the back up process is complete. Click OK to the message informing you that the rebuild has completed.
  8. Close your company file, and then reopen it to refresh the lists in the file:
    • Select the File menu, and select Open Company.
    • Select the company you want to open, and then click Open.
  9. Review your cheque register as well as the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports. If you notice any errors in your data, you may want to call a QuickBooks Technical Support expert for additional guidance.
  10. For further information on the actions taken by the Rebuild Data utility, you can review the Qbwin.log file. This file will contain information on what was affected during the Rebuild process. This information will appear between the begin rebuild and end rebuild markers at the end of the Qbwin.log file.
  11. If errors are encountered during the Rebuild process, or the Rebuild process fails, or the data file is drastically affected by the Rebuild process to the point that the rebuilt file is not usable, contact a QuickBooks support expert for additional guidance.

Thank you for reading this blog. Now you know how complex is Rebuilding the QuickBooks Data file is as there are several technicalities related to it. The Verify Data and Rebuild Data are two essential tools that help to resolve data corruption. However, if you are confused at any point in following any of the above-listed points, then you can get the help of a trained and qualified expert at QuickBooks Support number 1.800-396-7703.

How to Rebuild a QuickBooks company data file

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