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QuickBooks shows this error as it cannot access your company data file. There are many possible causes of the error.

If you are using a standalone computer:

  1. The destination of the file may need more permission.
  2. Some third party may be interfering with the QuickBooks.
  3. May be the QuickBooks file that we are using is corrupted.

If your computer is stored to a network, and the data file is stored in another computer:

  1. This may happen due to unstable network connection.
  2. The folder may need additional permission.
  3. The access is prevented by firewall.
  4. The power saver mode is turned on.

Various ways to fix it:

First Solution:

Restart QuickBooks on your computer. Doing this may reconnect your QuickBooks to the data file. Restart the QuickBooks if it does not functions then go to the second solution.

Second Solution:

Use the QuickBooks doctor to fix your error. Download and then install the QuickBooks file doctor. When you are done with the downloading, install the tool by double clicking on the .exe file. You can launch the tool by double clicking on the icon that appears on your desktop.

If your file is stored on a portable drive you will have to follow these steps:

Working on the company file when you are on a portable drive is not recommended. Proceed at your own risk.
If your system is connected to a network and your data file is stored in another system then follow these steps to get a error free respond:

First Solution:

Use the QuickBooks file doctor to fix the error:
a). Download and install the QuickBooks file doctor on the server or on the  computer hosting the data file.
b). When the download is complete install the tool
c). Launch the tool by double clicking on the icon
d). Finally you will get to see the result

Second Solution:

Check your QuickBooks Company file if it is damaged or not. Make sure that you run this on your server which is hosting the data file. Computer files can damage including the company file. QuickBooks has certain utilities to fix it instantly. Verify your company data file and rebuild it if you find it necessary. If you still see the error continues with the next step of solution.

Third Solution:

Restart your system, first of all re start your server. Before doing this make sure that nobody else is presently connected to it. Restart, if you still see this error on your system.

Fourth Solution:

Check you network properly:

Open and save another file on the server to check if you have the proper access or not. If you are not able to access to it you may need to consult a technician. If you still continue to see the error, follow the next step.

Fifth Solution:

Disable the power management setting on the server:

On the system where the company file is stored, open the power management setting in the windows control panel. Check the settings over there carefully.

Sixth Solution:

Fix Hosting on all the computers:

a). Make sure that QuickBooks is installed on the host computer.
b). Check the hosting settings.
c). Delete the .nd file and re create it.

In the event that QuickBooks or QuickBooks Database Server Manager doesn’t show up in the rundown, it implies the system is not introduced. Allude to Installing and arranging QuickBooks for a multi-client or system environment. If you face any kind of issue related to connection, then you can simply get connected to QuickBooks Support Service Number (1-800-396-7703 ) and our team in order to get all your issues resolved immediately.


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