Quickbooks and Salesforce

QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce

Building Customer Satisfaction Through QuickBooks Integration with Salesforce CRM.

QuickBooks Integration with Saleforce

The daunting task of bookkeeping may be achievable but seriously, well..daunting. Many a businessman, especially the ones that are just starting and aiming to make their business grow, have realize that using technology can help ease the burden of keeping an accurate and organize financial record. These days, doing it the old school way alone, is out of the question.

Over twenty years since its development, Intuit’s Quickbooks has been the leading accounting software for small to middle sized business owners, and for good reason. Its user-friendly system is a perfect fit for those who do not have an in-depth accounting training and knowledge. With that, its popularity around the world really comes as no surprise at all, as it continuously holds a big part of the accounting market for small businesses.


To gain an even wider scope in the industry and help make good business results possible for the vendor, this software offers an integration feature for third party programs to further their usefulness in the record tracking side. Among these third-party tools, Salesforce is one of the best, allowing businesses to save money and costs by improving data entry, among other things in quickbooks technical support phone number.

Integration bears no credit if its functionality does not flow well with another bookkeeping application. With salesforce integration, you can setup auto generated emails with an option to customize the use of payment information. Once financial information from banks is entered in salesforce, you are opening great potential not just to have your responses and customer information record automated, your accounting processes will improve a lot as well.


Just what is so special about Saleforce, that businesses trust it so much when it comes to Quickbooks integration? The customer relationship management applications it offers makes it an easy choice since they are highly rated as business tools that gives the businessman some leverage in building strong ties with their customers. Focusing on sales, marketing and customer support, the system’s CRM makes for a very organized customer data and keep customer transaction archives readily available when they need them.


Business owners who have acquired enough knowledge of the power of integrating accounting software are also trying to find more ways to take advantage out of using both platforms. For one, many questions have been asked regarding the utilization of the salesforce and Quickbooks partnership. They aim to have accounting and CRM records synchronized well, in one easy-to-follow system. Can’t I blame them since every businessman wants a transparent, organized and secured individual records of everything that covers the business.

The number of Companies choosing to integrate their Salesforce and Quickbooks together are growing and others are asking the whys. With this sync, data can be readily be available, whichever application you prefer, with one fast click. There’s one reason. Another is that it has a good promise with even better results of quality data, and not just any haphazard confusing spreadsheet. Internal processes that you wish to systemize and sort carefully are automated and you would not have to wait for cash collection and quotation since it offers increased time in doing both. Time is maximized, more tasks are covered.

The Power of Customizing

There has been an increased demand in customization as customers seek better options in getting copies of their transactions and Salesforce has been able to provide that as they routinely update custom fields to meet customer needs. Since Quickbooks also credits its popularity to customization options among its many features, invoicing challenges is met. The goal of matching this type of data with whatever the context of the business is, provides an easier understanding for customers to use the system correctly.

Then this should follow. You would want your integration to be smooth, instead of complicated. Both applications provide just that. You can also modify a completely different process to an integration that is already in place. When you wish to update information real time for example, for a different purpose, you can easily create a new pattern of invoicing in Quickbooks. Say, if you are doing business with a non-profit organization, you can generate a message via text or email telling them how and when changes as getting rid of some invoices, take place.

When doing your customization, do not forget to sync one system to another, depending on which one has the leading accounts. You can sync salesforce to QuickBooks or the other way around. 

Other Uses and Advantages

As you merge Quickbooks applications with that of Salesforce, vendors and sales representatives on the field are given an opportunity to check and analyze data that have been entered, when they need to further understand and double check them. This way, businesses has a better chance of increasing their visibility among customers and visibility gets a massive sales opportunity boost. The system that Salesforce has also allows the businessman to touch base with their customers for leverage in customer satisfaction which would then lead to customer trust. One thing would lead to another and you are looking at profit increase if you do this right.

Practicality. The integration offers an easy, realiable and practical way to link customer data with the financial aspects that you need to have in business. If you want to grow as a businessman and looking for more profitability, this should be on top of your priorities. The process enables businessmen to better share important data, especially profit coming in, and money coming out, in short, it a good way to monitor your money by integrating these two applications. In doing so, customer transaction will be managed faster and inventory will be recorded easier.

Not many software used in accounting has the same flexible power as the one offered by Salesforce, so that it holds a good percentage among businesses who wants to build and cover bases with customers. That, combined with Quickbooks, makes or a good advantage in customer retention. Look at it this way. In business, we all know consumer trust and loyalty goes a long, long way. In fact, they are the very foundations of a successful business.Looking to get quickbooks support phone number call us today.


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