QuickBooks Error Support Number

Another Error you gotta be kidding me, but the errors doesn’t came across by looking at your schedule they just showed whether it is the time to send the reports to your Boss or it’s your Father in law’s birthday you have to face it, well looking into the situation whenever you got an error while using QuickBooks Error Support Number you must think it is going to take some while because as much as QuickBooks is serving you and your business it is completely sure that it is also running a pile of programs and applications of your PC and using a lot of functions of your OS, Windows or Mac, and for that Quickbooks errors could be worse than you think they are, speaking of which I came across an error a few days ago which took me a good fortune out of time not pocket buddy as I also measure my time as a fortune because time is money, moving on I am not going to talk about all this stuff besides I am going to talk about the error that I face and the ways and tricks that I use to get over with that error.

How to resolve QuickBooks error 3371

Sigh! before I tell you about I will let you know of the reason or the definition of this very error and the reason of its origin or emergence, this error came across your way when you have played a trick with your OS most probably but not exactly, Most of the users that came across by this error had “Cloned” their Hard drives to get bigger space into their PCs, “Cloning is a process by which you can attach another Hard Drive bigger than your older hard drive in your PC, when you clone your Hard drive all the files of the Programs that resides on :C drive of your PC make a copy of it and got transferred to new Bigger Hard Drive”, so here is the explanation of the error 3371, which arise because of the registry file of Quickbooks that are available before cloning in your :C drive have been copied and as new Hard Drive make you a new user in the eyes of Quickbooks it shows you an error to stop the multiple usage of that Quickbooks Copy and wanting you to register the Software again but not only this you have to go through some procedure it is not that simple as it is in writing, I believe you are now familiar with the Mr. Problem (Error 3371) now we should talk about how to get rid of him otherwise your Wife is gonna leaves you as she hated the acquaintance of this Mr. Problem with you because It could make you miss your wife’s father’s birthday.

When you try googling the solutions and type the “How to get rid of the Quickbooks Error 3371” you will find a lot of links but all of them are of Intuit Support or Intuit Community or quickbooks support phone number, and after looking around all those links you just find that there are Questions but not the answers so loosen your pants as you are going to get the solution buddy, Yes you are going to get it, I talk too much now I am straighten myself towards solution,

Solutions if you believe that it is the cloning (specifically) OR OS related issues that is causing this error:

After the process of cloning you reboot your system off course! And when you get back to your programs you click on Quickbooks and it came up with a message like this,

After Clicking “OK” you will get this,

Being Simple the error itself is telling that it is all about the Registry files and Quickbooks wants you to re-register your Quickbooks Copy so it can be make sure that it is not pirated. Here you could have a thought in your mind that you need to re-install your Quickbooks it could be the case but before that we must try a Quick trick to apply it on your Quick Books if that helps than we are good otherwise we have to move on to the next one, as Quickbooks and every other software stores its registry files into:C drive of computer and as they are copied they become corrupted.

First of all you have to hold your Windows Key from the Keyboard and Press R, A dialog box will appear, Write C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 into the dialog box.

After You Click on “OK” You will get to the following location, here you will find EntitlementDataStore.ecml file Delete this file from the place, this will delete your Quickbooks Registration, after doing this Open the Quickbooks again it will ask you to register the Quickbooks.

Now the process of registration started again in Quickbooks you can find all of your information inside the Quickbooks Package you bought, enter the necessary information and re-register your product you can now use it as it was before.

Solution if the Deleting Entitlement file doesn’t work:

This is the most probable solution of this Error 3371 but if you are facing the same error even after doing all that is mentioned which have very low chances of occurring you have only one option just to Uninstall your present Quickbooks and Re-Install the new one I know it will take a piece of time but besides going for the other tricks this is the only solution that will work good for this Error.

Conclusion and Things to Know:

  • If you are a Pro-Advisor with multiple Quickbooks copies in your PCs than after following the above solution you have to register all of your Quickbooks again it will take less time than every other solution.
  • The file that I have told you about before which one is to delete will work for 2013 and later and for some older version the name of the folder maybe slightly different than it is in the version from 2013 it could be like this C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6.0 so don’t worry it will take you the same place.
  • Very Impressive thing about this solution is that it will not affect the other users in Multi-user environment over the network.

As mentioned these are Intuit Advised Solutions Please don’t try the other solutions as they could harm your Data files or any other application in your PC, if you are continue facing the same problem than you can contact our Technical Advisors in this matter. Call us at quickbooks phone number at 1800-910-6880.